Plenary or Starter – Flashcards and Quizbusters

One plenary activity I like uses Quizbusters ( ) a Flash based quiz based on the old TV game, Blockbusters. If I run it as a class activity I have a buzzer and light set (from a University Challenge board game) to monitor who volunteers an answer first. For those unfamiliar with the quiz, there are two teams, each trying to complete a row across or down the board, by answering one word answer questions given the first letter of an answer (What A is a computer programme?). No thinking time allowed after buzzer is pressed.

The website uses Flash, which won’t run on student iPads, so if I want to use the quiz for a longer activity I must be in a computer room. If we are in an IT room then I pair students, email them the link to the quiz. They compete with each other, and, if time, move on to compete with someone else. This makes a useful end to an desktop computer based lesson, maybe a reward for finishing the main assignment. If natural competiveness is an insufficient motivator, hand out 3 tokens to each contestant – must hand over a token if they lose. My measure of success? When a hard-to-engage student told me, ‘I’m cheating Miss, I’ve learned the answers’.

If you need something that is not Flash based, and which may encourage students to create their own revision resources, why not look at StudyStack? It’s free, and uses the questions and answers that have been input to create half a dozen revision games. Here’s a link to one I made on Twenty-first Century Education: Tap the card to see the answer, tap correct or incorrect to file it. If you decide to make your own, the FAQ link is really helpful.


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Teacher in Southern England enthusiastic about exploring ways to learn and teach, and evangelistic about sharing them. Specialism is Physics, but that's just a useful starting point.
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