Fresh thoughts in January – Butternut squash rissoles


Something to use up a small butternut squash? This one seemed to have been dropped or (of course) squashed. There’s a squished bit on the side. A veggie main or a carnivorous husband’s side dish. Slightly spicy so it goes well with left over mango salsa. Not quite vegan but peanut butter would substitute nicely for the egg.


Ingredients (quantities approximate)

Small squash, maybe 500g? Rind cut off and seeds (and the squished bit!) removed.

Two small onions (or one large), skin removed.

Level dessert spoon of ground cumin

Level dessert spoon of ground coriander

Black pepper, ground

Fresh coriander, leaves roughly chopped

Heaped dessert spoon plain flour

1 large egg

I made these in the food processor, but you could grate the squash, and fine chop the onion.


  1. I cut the squash and onion into pieces small enough to push through the feed tube on the food processor, and used the grating disc to grate both.
  2. It was a loose enough mix that I could replace the grating disc with the rotating blades, so I used quick pulses of the processor to mix in first the leaves, spice and flour, then the egg.
  3. I used floured hands to shape heaped dessertspoons of the mixture into ten patties, and left them to firm up for an hour or so. (I use an old umbrella type muslin cover to protect them while they wait).
  4. I cooked them in the centre of a fan oven at 180oC. I used non-stick parchment to line a roasting tray, so that I needed a very thin layer of vegetable oil. I preheated the tray and oil.
  5. I left them for about 30 minutes. If husband hadn’t asked me to clarify something, I’d probably have taken them out 5 minutes sooner. But the crisp edging tasted very good!
  6. As the photo shows I’d made the salsa with mango and kiwi – and surprised myself with how good it tasted.IMG_20190117_190434300



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