Alphabet soup! I decided to try a MOOC (Massive open online course), and luckily picked one run by North Carolina called ‘Coaching Digital Learning’. It’s been great, reminded me of things I’d been meaning to follow up, and introducing some new ideas. One of the reminders was the SAMR acronym. SAMR is a model devised by Dr Reuben Puentedura, of the levels as digital learning grows in an institution. S – substitution, use a digital technique as a direct replacement for a previous activity. Not much improvement/functional change e.g. electronic registration, using an IWB as a simple whiteboard etc. A – augmentation, the substitution of an electronic tool produces better results e.g. students add photos to accounts, Socrative feedback is used.. M – modification, the technology allows for significant task redesign e.g. students create solutions to tasks using various forms of electronic media, on line videos enable flipped learning. R – task redefinition, in ways that were not only impossible before, but inconceivable. Students co-operate electronically within the classroom and beyond to create work in formats previously unavailable.

My aim is to try to work on the M and R stages of SAMR, (but only when it’s appropriate). That involves both me and my students learning new skills and going beyond the familiar. That’ll be 21st century education then.

And a new tool that I’ve learned about on the MOOC – ThingLink. Here’s a link to my SAMR tree. See it now at:


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Teacher in Southern England enthusiastic about exploring ways to learn and teach, and evangelistic about sharing them. Specialism is Physics, but that's just a useful starting point.
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